Michael Artzi

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

About Michael Artzi

Michael is a people-first professional whose commitment to customer service is unmatched. He approaches every interaction with the understanding that he has the potential to positively impact someone’s day, and he commits fully to that effort.

He is best characterized by his innate ability to balance between pace and care, never allowing the velocity of the market to force compromise upon his standard of service. As an expert in downtown Manhattan’s most sought-after submarkets, he brings years of experience in navigating tempo to every transaction. His back-of-hand mastery of deal flow allows him to dedicate more time and attention to the intangibles that many often overlook.

Michael has played instrumental roles in both rental and sales transactions across the city, but finds himself most energized by time spent in the luxury multifamily space as it is a perfect match for his outgoing spirit and ability to provide elevated customer service at scale. His team’s exclusive portfolio encompasses over 300 exclusive luxury units across the East Village, West Village, and Greenwich Village alone, and his contributions and market analysis provide tangible results to all that he represents. Not to be overlooked, his propensity to create harmony among others is a true competitive advantage in this landscape.

Past his attention to detail and instinct to go above and beyond, Michael’s soft skills are what make him completely invaluable: his warm, clear and effective communication, his adaptability, his emotional intelligence and his predisposition to collaboration. He is simultaneously known for detailed spreadsheets, and a smile.

Michael loves to traverse the city (iced-coffee in hand) with his golden doodle, Hudson. They collectively enjoy their relationships with those around them, sunny mornings, and deep-rooted connections to the neighborhoods of Manhattan.

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