Khayla Martinez

Listing / Administrative Coordinator

Listing / Administrative Coordinator

About Khayla Martinez

As Dallien’s front-facing representative, I am dedicated to supporting our agents and ensuring the success of their ventures. With a background in operations management and client support, I have a track record of orchestrating seamless office functionality and delivering top-notch service. My experience includes overseeing luxury amenities, coordinating events, and prioritizing customer satisfaction.

Drawing on my background in care management support and public health, I am well-equipped to address the diverse needs of our agents. As Office Manager, I focus on empowering agent success by efficiently managing listings, guiding GRJ tenant applications, and overseeing financial transactions within Dallien. I am committed to providing steadfast administrative support to both agents and our office.

By integrating past expertise with the demands of real estate, I aim to set a standard of excellence that reflects my dedication to effective real estate management. My goal is to exceed the expectations of our clients and agents, driving the ongoing growth and success of Dallien.

In my free time, I prioritize fitness with regular workouts and indulge my love for adventure through hiking. Exploring new destinations and cuisines feeds my passion for travel and culinary experiences. Most importantly, I value quality time spent with loved ones, whether it’s with family or friends, creating cherished memories together.

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