Anna Adamczyk

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

About Anna Adamczyk

With the cornerstones of her career having been laid in Architecture, Interior Design and Project Management, Anna understands that everything in real estate starts with a well-thought out plan.
Having studied and worked in architecture in Berlin, Germany- Anna developed a deep vocational understanding of both the art and the science behind engineering residential spaces. Architecture can provide many takeaways, namely: 1) that navigating to an endpoint while considering a variety of viewpoints and needs requires patience, care and foresight, 2) that an ideal space requires functionality for the client in both the present and future, and 3) most importantly, that the best work requires meticulous attention to detail.

Anna has had an involvement in a variety of single family and multifamily projects throughout both Manhattan and Brooklyn. Her summation of that work? ”Every millimeter counts.” She reflects on her time in construction as having taught her the importance of technical precision and the necessity of impeccable timeline management. Despite every project being unique, she recognizes that when highly-trained professionals place emphasis on organization and logistical coordination, the seemingly impossible becomes possible.

With a background that allows her to understand that one change affects many more, Anna operates with the future in mind; her results are a reflection of these efforts.

Anna resides and specializes in downtown Manhattan. She is an expert in the West Village where she effortlessly assists her clients in visualizing and planning their spaces to maximize their investments and curate the lifestyles that are significant to their individual needs. She understands that finding the perfect home can be stressful and daunting, which is why having a knowledgeable and trustworthy real estate agent is paramount.

Outside of work, Anna enjoys a healthy lifestyle, scuba diving and traveling the world.

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