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Khasya Kotliar

Listing & Office Manager

    About Khasya Kotliar

    Having specialized in multifamily and condominium new development at Manhattan brokerages both small and large, Khasya Kotliar offers a wealth of knowledge within New York’s Real Estate space. Her experience extends from tenant, to buyer, to exclusive owner/developer representation and her genuine enthusiasm for deepening and sharing her knowledge of the industry with owner accounts, clients and peers is palpable. 
    Khasya is warm, diplomatic, and results oriented. Her pride in improving systems and nurturing interpersonal relationships allows her to empower Dallien’s agents and play an integral role in their long term growth and professional development. Born, raised and educated in New York, Khasya is an invaluable resource to the company, its agents, and their accounts.

    Language: English, Hebrew

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