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Ryan Benson

Ryan Benson

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Languages: English / Spanish

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M: 310.803.6948
F: 646.810.5751

Ryan's Bio

Coming from a family of real estate investors in nearby Bergen County, NJ, Ryan has always held a fascination with Manhattan and real estate in particular. After attending university with a focus in medicine, he decided to reverse course and pursue a career in real estate. Although young, he has quickly developed an intimate understanding of market trends and developments and utilizes this to better serve his clients. By nature, he is a very passionate and ambitious person and will use his competitive drive to further his client’s interest to the best of his ability.

Ryan joined Dallien Realty after having a successful year as the top producer and rookie of the year at Caliber Associates. Using his unique skill sets, Ryan sold an impressive $10 million in his first year in real estate. As is evidenced by his body of work, Ryan puts an emphasis on relating to his customers and on providing them with the proper and pertinent research one needs to make a well-informed decision in regards to the buying and selling of a property. His keen sense of business gives him an innate understanding of current and future market trends and compels him to stay well versed in upcoming prominent developments and future up and coming markets.

Ryan attended the University of Vermont as a participant in the 7-year accelerated medical program. Ryan is a former concert pianist and has played in the likes of Carnegie Hall, Steinway Hall and The Northern Lights Music Festival. In his spare time Ryan likes to play soccer, run and explore the intricacies of New York food and restaurant culture. Ryan is also bi-lingual and speaks fluent Spanish. Ryan currently resides in East Village, NY.

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