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Leah Haxhi

Leah Haxhi

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Languages: English / Spanish

P: 212.257.2127
M: 203.725.6940
F: 646.810.5751

Leah's Bio

Formerly at a niche management consulting firm, Leah has applied her skills across industries at many different enterprises, including projects at some of the worlds' largest financial institutions, insurance companies, and entertainment networks. While all of these businesses were very different, one thing remained the same; Leah is an expert at tailoring her services to each client and delivering a customized product according to specific needs. The same concept applies to Real Estate, but on a much more personal level.

I know your time is extremely valuable, and laying the foundation of communication and trust before finding a new space is key to the process. Client satisfaction and customer service are Leah's top priorities.

Originally from Middlebury, Connecticut, Leah double majored in Economics and Music at Trinity College. She plays violin, guitar, ukulele, and piano and also enjoys playing sports such as volleyball, basketball, and squash. Her leadership and creativity has been shaped through countless years of both writing music and being part of the athletic community. These skills are utilized every day as she constantly aims to create a seamless experience for the clients she works with.

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